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Modern Living Room


Stacey Schweiger,


the Sunshine Organizing journey so far

Helping people and families get organized, stay organized, think organized, and embrace organized where they live and love. 

I’m a Fort Lauderdale based Professional Organizer and an active member of NAPO (National Association of Organizing and Productivity Professionals).  I have 20 years of experience as a lawyer, along with a creative background in PR and business in addition to my training as a Professional Organizer. My two teenagers, husband and our active family household have given me plenty of real life experience to draw from in the last two decades as well!

I began organizing with jobs for family and friends and have built my business from there. Sunshine Organizing works with people and families in the Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas to simplify and organize in their existing homes.  We also provide professional organizing assistance with residential relocations and remodeling projects.  For each client and each project, the motivation remains the same:  to deliver individualized, successfully organized results with an immediate, positive and lasting impact so you find the comfortable level of order that works for you at home. 

My approach 


A space should feel like home as it reflects and supports the individuals who inhabit it. To be and feel organized, your home doesn’t need be perfect by Instagram, magazine or any other standards!  It doesn’t need to be minimalist, or to follow any other preconceived rules or style.  Your personal style and possessions that are meaningful, useful and loved are all part of an organized home.  Creating a physical sense of organization, along with the feeling of breathing room and space to grow, is key to getting and staying organized. Especially for households with young children, spaces and systems that adapt are essential to keep pace with a family’s evolving needs.  

Organizing is more than tidying up and making things look pretty. It’s not just cleaning. Cleaning is for objects – organizing is for people!  As a professional organizer, I apply a systematic process of optimizing your space in the most specific and ideal way that functions and lasts for you. Together we can troubleshoot your home’s challenge areas (clutter hotspots), streamline systems, and pare down belongings to create logical storage space.  Sunshine Organizing helps you save time, reclaim your space and enjoy your home more.  Long after your project is complete, you’ll continue to discover the benefits that flow from an organized home.  Living with an empowered, organized. mindset not only helps diminish stress and increase productivity, but it also creates the space for you to focus on what you and your family love and enjoy most!  

I’ll help you define your goals and will develop a personalized plan based on your preferences and price range. Together we set attainable goals and ensure that they are met. For projects that require a team approach, additional assistants are available.  My goal is always comfortable, functional order that works for you.

Guiding Principles

I offer caring, non-judgmental and confidential support. Be assured that I work according to the strict NAPO Code of Ethics with respect and sensitivity.I focus on practical, easy-to-maintain and cost-effective solutionsI encourage repurposing items you already have, mindful consumerism, and sharing or donating unneeded items with others, including local charities and not-for-profit organizations.   

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